24 hour back to base monitoring is available with all our systems. You can add 24 hour monitoring to either new or existing systems.


An alarm monitoring system is an alarm system that is monitored 24 hours a day by a Monitoring Centre. The system is capable of contacting the Monitoring Centre in a matter of seconds should anything trigger an alarm or alert.


Alarm monitoring services offer extra protection and therefore peace of mind, because it calls for help at the scene of the intrusion or other emergency.


Alarm monitoring systems may be set up to detect and notify authorities about a number of household and business emergencies including such incidents as:

  • a break in
  • fire
  • carbon monoxide leaks
  • monitored medical alerts worn by the elderly and activated in case of an emergency.


With the addition of panic buttons and other safety precautions, appropriate authorities can respond to virtually any emergency in a matter of seconds.


As soon as any unexpected activity is detected, your security system automatically sends a signal down your telephone line to our 24-hour monitoring centre.


Depending on what signals are received and your protocols, a highly trained operator would:

  • Call the premises to confirm the exact nature of the emergency.
  • Call you or others on your emergency contact list to notify you of the situation.
  • Send out a patrol guard to investigate. (additional fees apply)
  • Send the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance if required.


We are a major bureau of Staysafe Security,the largest privately owned control room in Victoria.
Staysafe Security is a Grade A control room that exceed industry standards through a dedication to faster alarm response times, superior customer service and enhanced computing capabilities.


A monitored burglar alarm system has a number of benefits when compared to a burglar alarm system that just rings an alarm in your home or business.


Consider the dfference between a monitored system and an audio only alarm. A siren or audio only alarm system relies on your neighbours or a well intentioned passerby to respond to the alarm, which may put them at risk. Additionally friends, neighbours or a passerby aren’t always present to respond.


In case of alarm, do you really want to leave it to chance for some response to occur?


Victorian police no longer respond to an audio-only alarm, unless there is additional evidence of a crime being committed. However Police will respond to a monitored alarm in your home.


Back to base monitoring provides additional peace of mind in your security system, by notifying you and authorities when your alarm sirens activate.


Having your system monitored means your home or business is constantly being protected, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The charge is $1.10 per day. Invoicing is done quarterly in advance. No contracts are required.