MDS sells, installs and services alarm systems for a variety of applications. We can also provide alarm monitoring services for new and existng alarm systems.


We first began trading in July 1990 and have been supplying Melbourne with alarm installation, monitoring, servicing and repairs for over 25 years. With 30 years of experience in the security industry, Michael Spiteri at MDS provides service and expertise which is second to none.


All products and material used by MDS intercom and Security are affordable and of the highest quality. We source our materials direct from wholesale Australian sources, so we can pass the discounts on to you.


MDS had a number of flexible payment methods available, including:


  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank debit cards
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit via Electronic Funds Transfer



MDS has accounts with all major suppliers, however we highly recommend BOSCH alarm systems. Bosch is highly reputable, with a long history in Australia. This is important as it means that parts can usually be sourced for these systems in years to come. Bosch produce a range of systems to suit all needs, from the entry level 3000 8 zone system to the Bosch 6000 expandable commercial systems. The Bosch range of Blue line sensors are both reliable and attractive. All Bosch products come with a 2 year warranty.


We provide free quotes to install or replace a system. (If the tool bag stays in the car then it is a free quote)


Remote controls improve the ease of use of your alarm system. Arming or disarming the system is much easier from a remote control than from the control box. Remote controls can be installed to all new systems, or retro-fitted to an alarm depending on the make , model and critically the age of the system.



Security alarm monitoring, (24 hour back to base monitoring) is also available with all our systems. We are a major bureau of Staysafe Security. Staysafe Security has a Grade A control room and is the largest privately owned control room in Victoria. Security system monitoring provides an extra level of security and peace of mind in an alarm system.


CodepadBack to base monitoring takes the hassle out of your security system, by notifying authorities when your alarm sirens activate. With a monitored alarm system, as soon as any unexpected activity is detected, e.g. power failure, intrusion, tamper switch activation, your security system automatically sends a signal down your telephone line to our 24-hour monitoring centre.


Depending on what signals are received and your protocols, a highly trained operator would:


  • Call the premises to confirm the exact nature of the emergency.
  • Call you or others on your emergency contact list to notify you of the situation.
  • Send out a patrol guard to investigate. This charge varies, but is typically around $65.00
  • Send the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance if required.


The charge is $1.10 per day. Invoicing is done quarterly in advance. No contracts are required. Around a dollar a day

Service & Repair

MDS is particularly well known for providing alarm repairs and alarm servicing throughout Melbourne.


Common alarm faults we regularly assist with include:

  • False Alarms
  • Low Battery
  • Alarm beeping
  • Alarm Service light flashing
  • Reset codes and reprogramming
  • Installation of new remote controls

Alarm system repair is a service that is becoming rarer by the day. While we always attempt to repair your present system, most alarm and intercom companies are set up purely to sell their specific product and are not really interested in repair work. We are technicians who take great pride in being able to bring your equipment “back to life”. We will attempt to repair any brand provided we can still access parts.

We service and repair all brands of alarms including:


  • NESS 5000 D8 L8, Pro-L D16 Eco 8X, Pro-LD D24, Pro-LX
  • BOSCH Solution 4, Solution 6, Solution 8, Solution 16, Solution 144
  • DAS Network X
  • Ademco Vista 10, Vista 12, Vista 20
  • C&K 236i, 238
  • Honeywell Vista 10, Vista 12, Vista 20, 236i, 238
  • EDM Digi 905, Digi 908
  • Crow Powerwave Series, Runner Series
  • Hills NX

Labour is guaranteed for six months.
Materials carry a manufacturer’s warranty of usually 1-3 years.
Our call out charge is $165.00 for the first 30 minutes. Then $110 per hour or part thereof.


Quotes for repairs are not provided free. A repair quote usually requires us to send out a technician on site and then we have to inspect the system and often dismantle it. Then we must run tests to diagnose the fault. All this takes time and obviously must be charged for.