Closed circuit television is an effective method to deliver surveillance, detect crime and improve public safety.


CCTV security systems are efficient, reliable, and simple to use.


Strategically positioned CCTV security cameras allow visual coverage that help secure the most vulnerable areas of your premises, internally and externally.


A typical system exists of a camera or cameras connected to a recording device and a monitor allowing you to view each camera. Most systems are menu driven and operated via a mouse, much like using a conventional computer.


A wide range of security cameras and Digital Hard Drive recorders are available to suit all types of CCTV camera purposes. We prefer to use quality recognised brands such as Bosch and Samsung. Check out our new range of High Definition 1080p cameras.


What you can can view through your cctv camera system largely depends on the type and quality of camera you use. A new generation of High Definition systems are revolutionising the industry. You can now make out detail that was unheard only 2 years ago.


We can now upgrade your old Low Definition analogue camera system to High Def WITHOUT the need to rewire using the latest HD-SDI technology.


For business security, Number plate and facial recognition is now possible whilst Infra Red (IR) cameras allow recordings to be made in low light conditions. Modern Digital HDD recorders allow you to view your cctv camera system remotely on a smartphone.


All our CCTV systems can be remotely viewed on your smart phone via your internet connection.


MDS will design the right system for you, from a small home systems to watch over the swimming pool or monitor the kids, to large commercial installations.


MDS provides service and expertise which is second to none. With more than 20 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of quality security cctv systems, MDS Security can tailor a system to fit your specific situation.


A highly visible cctv system prevents crime, as a potential thief is often deterred when they realize the odds of them being recorded are high. Why risk it when there are easier pickings elsewhere?


CCTV also helps protect against employee crime, vandalism, false public liability claims and reduces the incidences of harassment of employees. cctv can also help improve OH&S and staff training.


Combining CCTV with access control and/or monitoring delivers added control, safety and convenience for business. CCTV combined with access control allows control of who, when and where people enter your premises. These solutions are tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to customize access as you require.


If you require a quote for a new installation or would like to arrange a service on your current system, MDS intercom & Security Services can help.